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The centre of Zentrum Neuenzell was founded in 1982 by eleven friends, all of them therapists, who had found the roots of their work in the field of initiatic therapy. The centre by now is a special international community of people of two generations who pursue their individual spiritual path. Some of them continually live and work in the house or respectively in the neighbourhood, others have long been connected to Zentrum Neuenzell and come regularly to offer seminars and single-sessions.

Spirituality for us means: To live and form our life in this world from the deepest essence of our being. Aiming for what lies (Striving to grow?) beyond the consciousness of our ego we nevertheless take seriously the personality of the self as a gateway. Concretely this means to kindly and respectfully acknowledge and tackle conflicts and blind spots within ourselves and others. In this way we increase our awareness of ourselves, of others and the world we live in. We consider it our task to become and be a human being in this sense. Meditation and practising awareness are an essential part of this process.

Zentrum Neuenzell grows and changes with us. Our life and work here is being carried by awareness and trust and aims for the living of a fulfilled, authentic life.

The variety of our offers and methods mirrors our fields of study, interests and talents. It is a privilege and a concern to us to offer our professional compentence to our guests on their personal paths. In this we draw from our own experience and our inner knowledge.